Favorite Finds

Samantha FoodGeek discovers Paleo

Yep, you read it correctly. I have decided to eat like a caveman, within reason of course. I came to this diet through the suggestion of my brother who had been plagued for years with all sorts of allergies. He went through a battery of tests and discovered he was allergic to nearly all of the food he had been eating his whole life- including soy. So long soy sauce!

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Praise for the Plain Old Supermarket

Long ago, about five years ago, or as my husband and I call it: Before Kid, I had lots and lots of time on my hands. We lived in San Francisco in our small flat and we enjoyed our Leisure Time. Leisure Time meant lounging lazily on our days off, reading the newspaper in its entirety, window shopping for hours and just meandering. Now, After Kid, Time is precious because it seems there is too little of it that we can call ‘Free’.

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Useful Kitchen Tools, Part Two

People who know me understand that I’m a no-nonsense kind of person. I don’t dawdle, engage in polite small-talk or ‘hang out’. This attitude extends to the kitchen as well. I like my knives and my techniques and I believe that I can cook anything in my simple kitchen with just my knives and my [...]

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My Kind of ‘Convenience Foods’: Frozen Peas and Canned Tomatoes

Yes, I know you read the heading and thought- “What?! Samantha FoodGeek should be canning her own tomatoes and shelling and freezing her own peas…right?” Well, I must confess that while I do believe all food should be as fresh as possible, I have a weakness for some of what I call “Pantry Staples”- pantry to me also includes the freezer too. I love the convenience of frozen peas and canned whole tomatoes. It’s amazing, convenient and if you read the labels, very nutritious and wholesome and in some cases, more superior to the fresh product.

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prized jars of Vallecito Peppers

Pickled Vallecito Peppers

Normally, my Favorite Finds are foods and places that we can all experience, but in the case of this post, I have to make an exception. These pickled peppers, which are sometimes called Marchand peppers are commonly called Vallecito peppers in honor of the place they are grown: Vallecito California. Vallecito, the place, is in [...]

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Trusty Tools- Spatula, Scraper and Peeler

I think I may have a touch of the OCD and it’s certainly reflected in the way my kitchen is organized and the utensils I love. One of my favorite things- and I mean ‘stuck on a deserted island and had only one tool’ favorite is the rubber spatula. It helps me pick up or scrape every last drop of a batter or sauce.

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