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SFGReads June2013

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I love reading. Books and magazines mostly. I DO make some exceptions for a couple of blogs that I happen to like. But I am mostly a Luddite when it comes to reading. I like words on paper and don’t get me to change my mind. Don’t even get me started on audio books.

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How to Cook from your Pantry

Before I became a culinary teacher and blogger, I had a real-life paying job as a line cook. It was an amazing experience that has helped to forge me into this person I am today. One of the more valuable skills I learned was a very practical one as far as being a home cook- I learned how to cook a meal from whatever ingredients we had on hand. Now, this type of cooking wasn’t the type of cooking where we made thoughtful food from perfectly sourced ingredients, which I can do. This food was what was known as the “family meal” or the staff meal.

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My Favorite Political Food Books

Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the American Meal by Eric Schlosser This was THE book that turned me into a more conscientious cook and eater. I read this 12 years ago and it really did change my life and modify a lot of my food habits. I still love fast food, but I [...]

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