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Praise for the Plain Old Supermarket

Long ago, about five years ago, or as my husband and I call it: Before Kid, I had lots and lots of time on my hands. We lived in San Francisco in our small flat and we enjoyed our Leisure Time. Leisure Time meant lounging lazily on our days off, reading the newspaper in its entirety, window shopping for hours and just meandering. Now, After Kid, Time is precious because it seems there is too little of it that we can call ‘Free’.

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Pantry Pasta-Spaghetti with Canned Tuna, Lemon and Parsley

Yesterday evening was one of those busy days of me driving from one appointment after another. I was a bit frazzled more than usual since a San Francisco taxi cab nearly collided with my car..I’m convinced my car is invisible and I should get it Bedazzled or painted orange to be noticed. But I digress. I found myself in my kitchen with the husband and toddler at home earlier than usual and no dinner made. On nights like this, I always make a giant fried rice with the protein and vegetables all mixed in or I make a pasta with a ‘sauce’ made from whatever I have in my pantry.

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