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sweet roll hero

How to Make Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Rolls

I have been in the US for more than thirty years now, arriving when I was six years old. I am what most in my family would call an American. And to some extent, I do feel that I have assimilated into the American culture- I can speak American English well, I understand our jokes, our idioms and our slang. I only think in English now. I am married to an American and have adopted a very American way of living. Yet on any given Saturday or Sunday, at about 3 or 4:00, I experience a very Filipino craving

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Alice Medrich’s Cocoa Brownies

Brownies are definitely my favorite way to eat chocolate but it was something I rarely made. That’s because for many years, I used a recipe from Cook’s Illustrated magazine that required three kinds of chocolate, two of which had to be chopped. Now, I have to tell you that chopping chocolate gives me a pain. Literally. On my shoulders.

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cartoon turkey

Some Thanksgiving Lessons

The Halloween decorations have been put away and we found a new hiding place for the leftover Halloween candy. We’ve now brought out the decorative Thanksgiving foliage and the baby-geek’s cartoon turkey from last year. That can only mean one thing- Thanksgiving is almost here. I LOVE Thanksgiving because it’s one of the last pure holidays we have. It’s about giving thanks and breaking bread with your loved ones, although the retail establishment seems to be working hard to remind us that Thanksgiving is merely a precursor, a holiday dress rehearsal to (whispering) Christmas. Shhh. Not too loud.

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