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potatoes dressed in olive oil, salt and pepper

One Potato, Two Potato- Potatoes Two Ways

I LOVE potatoes! Russets, kennebecs, freshly dug fingerlings. The mind boggles with the variety that’s available these days. I just love the starchy earthy warm flavor that I taste in all types of potatoes and it is my ultimate comfort food. More than rice, more than fresh ramen, even more than bread, I love potatoes. My father used to joke that I wasn’t really Asian because of my love for bread and potatoes.

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Sad Discount Potatoes become Fancy Spanish Tortilla

Here’s a few things you should know about me- I’m frugal and I like being challenged. These two attributes serve me well in the kitchen. So this time, I’d like to tackle the Discount Produce Bin. You are familiar with this part of your grocery store or produce market- plastic bags full of not-so-perfect produce that is discounted to sell. Now, I can’t resist a bargain of any kind, especially when it comes to food. I feel as if the Produce Gods are challenging me and giving me these sad vegetables and fruit to see if I can make something delicious.

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