One Potato, Two Potato- Potatoes Two Ways

I LOVE potatoes! Russets, kennebecs, freshly dug fingerlings. The mind boggles with the variety that’s available these days. I just love the starchy earthy warm flavor that I taste in all types of potatoes and it is my ultimate comfort food. More than rice, more than fresh ramen, even more than bread, I love potatoes. My father used to joke that I wasn’t really Asian because of my love for bread and potatoes.

My favorite way to eat a potato is the much maligned french fry which I make at home with a dollop of bacon fat in the peanut oil. But when I’m feeling less than self-righteous, I have to improvise so I can still get my potato fix. I don’t quite know where I got this technique but most likely it was beautiful photo of a Portuguese fish dinner with a platter of these potatoes among the feast. As with simple techniques with few ingredients, the quality of the products is really important. Be sure to pick a potato that is fresh and organic. I emphasize organic because potatoes have some of the highest pesticide residue. (Check out this helpful buying guide that groups produce based on their pesticide residue.)

The technique goes like this: fresh and preferably organic potato is steamed or boiled in salted water  until just tender. Then the potato is roughly pulled apart into thick homey pieces and doused with really fragrant olive oil and good salt.

potatoes dressed in olive oil, salt and pepper

You can go a step further and take the pieces of potato and crisp them in a little olive oil on a non-stick pan. This is my favorite way to stave off a french fry craving. The potatoes have a crunchy crust and a soft, mealy inside- just like a french fry!


check out the crunchy craters!

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