Home Cheese Making by Ricki Carroll

Cheese is the simple reason that my cholesterol score will never be good. I have been a consumer of cheese for years but recently I decided I would like to be a maker of cheese. I’ve made simple cheeses like yogurt cheese or lebne, paneer, farmer’s cheese, but I really craved being a Cheesemaker, using rennets, cultures and special cheese maker tools. This is my first cheese making book and it’s quite comprehensive for beginnners. My ambition is to make REAL Cheddar Cheese, a triple cream cheese, mozzerella and crazy as it seems- Parmesan! Yeah, I know I can’t technically call it Parmesan since I’m making it in Oakland, but you understand the point. So far, I have made 2 kinds of goat cheese from this book and it’s amazing how easy it is to make and yet infinitely rewarding.

I bought my copy at Omnivore Books in San Francisco after a Goat Cheese Making Class.
Click here to check it out on Amazon.com.

home cheese making

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